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An individual entrepreneur is responsible for his obligations with all his property.

If the turnover of an individual entrepreneur does not exceed 100,000 lari per month, the obligation to pay VAT does not arise. But the income tax in the amount of 1% must be paid from 1 lari.

If a car with Russian numbers is in Georgia for more than 90 days, according to the law, it is necessary to place it under the customs regime of temporary import for up to three years and obtain temporary Georgian numbers. The price of the issue is 150 GEL. The place is Rustavi.

A child born in Georgia can obtain citizenship of this country only if one of the parents is a citizen of Georgia (by right of blood).

In Georgia, registration by actual address can be carried out if a residency permit is issued

In order to retain Georgian citizenship by birth for a minor, the consent of the second parent is required. The consent of the both parents is necessary for a minor to retain a Georgian citizenship obtained by birth. Even if the second parent is not a citizen of Georgia.