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You should apply to lawyers before take action!

In Georgia, registration by actual address can be carried out if a residency permit is issued

In order to retain Georgian citizenship by birth for a minor, the consent of the second parent is required. The consent of the both parents is necessary for a minor to retain a Georgian citizenship obtained by birth. Even if the second parent is not a citizen of Georgia.

Each part of examination test for Georgian citizenship (Georgian language, history, rights) contains just over 200 questions. The exam can be passed by writing or in an interview format.

If your contractors (performers) are Individual Entrepreneurs (IE), they are able to pay income tax from received payment or you (client) can withhold income tax at the source of the payable amount and pay it to the budget.

Individual Entrepreneurs with the status of a small business who received income 100 000 GEL during any continuous 12 calendar months, becomes VAT payer and then income is subject to taxation at a rate of 18%. Keep in mind two things: 100 000 GEL – a limit for VAT purposes and 500 000 GEL for income tax (with 1%)

Property tax is paid by the natural person whose families’ income exceeds 40 000GEL. This amount includes the income received by you as a individual entrepreneur. Be careful!