Starting a business and processes support

Starting a business and processes support

General information on business registration in Georgia.

  1. There are three options for company registration: Limited Liability Company, Joint Responsibility Company and Joint Stock Company.
  2. IMPORTANT: registration of business with preferential tax regimes, such as small business, company registration in a virtual zone or in a free industrial zone is available.
  3. An individual or a legal entity may act as a founder of the company. Citizenship and jurisdiction do not matter.
  4. A citizen of any country, independently of holding a residence permit in Georgia, can be appointed as a company director.
  5. There are no requirements for the presence and size of the authorized capital – its formation at the discretion of the founders
  6. A company must have a legal address in Georgia.
  7. A company is registered at the Public Register of Georgia, which is maintained by the Ministry of Justice. Information about the company is public – all documents that fall into the public register (charter, decision on creation, passports of founders and directors) are open for viewing to everyone who knows the company identification code.
  8. Establishing a company in the form of joint stock company makes sense in case you plan to manage shares and/or do not want information about the company’s partners to be disclosed and available from Public Register (transactions with shares are reflected in the register of shareholders; it is not necessary to have a professional registrar for an JSC with the number of shareholders up to 50 ). JSC is not required to register the issue of shares upon incorporation.

In order to offer you the best solution in terms of organizing business processes and the optimal tax structure, it is essential to understand:

  1. Purpose of business;
  2. What type of economic activities do you plan;
  3. Geography of your business
  4. Planned volumes

What is needed for a company registratioin? (We ask you to fill-out a simple questionnaire):

Name of the company
For of the legal entity: LLC or JSC
Amount of the authorized capital (if necessary)
Documents for the parent company: Charter, extract from the register, decision on appointment of the director, decision of the authorized body of the parent company on the establishment of the company in Georgia.
Notarized translations of all documents into Georgian must be submitted for registration, therefore, originals or notarized copies of required documents must be in Georgia. If the founder is registered in a state party to the Minsk Convention (CIS countries), an apostille is not needed. For other countries we will clarify.
Information about the director (copy of an international passport or internal passport of a citizen of Georgia) and his actual address in Georgia.
The legal address of the company. We provide a usual legal address – the owner guarantees the receipt and transmission of mail and is ready to conclude a short-term lease. We can also provide a virtual address in an international business center (additional service).
Company email address

Duration of services:

  • for a regular company – up to 5 business days from the date when a full set of documents has been provided (the term includes notarized translation of the founder documents)
  • for a company in a virtual or free industrial zone + 15 working days
  • in case of apostille of company documents + 8 working days

As a result, you will receive:

Constituent documents and extract from the register in English and Georgian

Certificate of registration of the company in the virtual zone in Georgian and notarized translation into English

Agreement on opening a multicurrency corporate account, in Georgian and English digipass and a credit card (if necessary)

We offer the following step-by-step process:

  1. Based on the information received from the Client we draw documents drafts in Russian/English language and send them to the Client for review and approval. We may offer options of managing bodies competencies and order for decision-making process. For some of our Clients it is convenient to edit a draft.
  2. After approval of documents we prepare the final version in two languages, translate and notarize a Power of Attorney received from you, finalize the documents package for company registration application.
  3. After registration is complete, we register company at the tax authority and open a corporate bank account. We offer opening a bank account in one of the two largest banks in Georgia: TBC Bank and/or Bank of Georgia. A password to your online banking is sent to your e-mail. We also receive a digipass for confirmation of online transactions, and corporate credit card, if necessary.

We are ready to offer you comprehensive legal and financial services for your business in Georgia with safety guaranteed.

Additional services – family office for protection of your personal and family interests.

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