Labor Law Consulting

The right to free labor is guaranteed by the Constitution for both the employee and the Employer. But the labor law can be a complicated issue as for an employee, as for an employer. We help breaking it down in simple terms.

  1. We give a legal assessment of the ongoing situation and help to resolve disputes via negotiations:
    • Preparation of employment contracts
    • Development of company internal labor rules and regulations
    • Development of local regulations
  2. Assistance in disputes settlements. If you decide to take it to court, our advisors stand by your side and protect your interests in court (Lawsuit preparation, objections argumentation, collecting of evidence and proper registration procedures, clear statements of your position in court)
  3. We provide full legal support from the moment you contact us and will be on your side until the result is obtained.

* At your request, we act without your direct participation on the basis of a power of attorney issued in the country of your citizenship in your native language.

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