Even though Georgia has favorable conditions for starting and doing business, there might be government requirements and regulations that business owners are not aware of.

  1. We evaluate and asses the necessity of complying with special regulations:
    • Registration in state economic activities register
    • Requirement to obtain a license for specific type of economic activity
    • Availability of qualified specialists in your organization
  2. Industrial Safety Audit of your organization
  3. Full legal support to bring your business in compliance with law requirements and best international practices.
    • Registration
    • Obtaining of licenses
    • Availability of internal regulations
  4. Company representation and protection of your company interests in government relations.
  5. Legal support during state audits to comply with law requirements and avoiding possible abuse of power.
  6. Appeal of actions and decisions of administrative bodies, including court cases.
  7. We guarantee full legal support from the moment you contact us and protection of your business until the result is obtained.

*At your request, we will act without your direct participation on the basis of a power of attorney issued in the country of your citizenship in your native language.