Car Insurance in Georgia. Part 1. Driver Liability Insurance.

Car Insurance in Georgia. Part 1. Driver Liability Insurance.

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If you love traveling by car and your adventurous spirit brings you to Georgia for the first time, be ready to some shocking experience on the road. And even bigger shock that Georgia does not require compulsory civil liability insurance for drivers for the cars registered in Georgia. But the situation will change soon…

Georgian Government introduces a relevant bill, indicating in the explanatory note that “Compulsory liability insurance is one of the leading varieties of compulsory insurance in international practice.

Due to negligence, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, improper handling of a vehicle by drivers and various reasons, the likelihood of traffic accidents and unexpected results increases. It is compulsory insurance that creates a material or financial guarantee, on the one hand, for the driver, and on the other hand, for the injured.”

The main purpose of the adoption of the law is to guarantee a fair and prompt compensation for damage caused to the car or to the life and health of the driver and passengers in case of an accident.

The bill only passed the second hearing in the Parliament of Georgia, but has already caused a wave of discontent among drivers. In Georgia, such restrictions are not welcome, especially if it is associated with financial costs, regardless of their size.

For a long time, Georgia did not require liability insurance from visiting cars. Unlike the European countries, the border of which cannot be crossed without a “green card”, hospitable Georgia had free entry. From March 01, 2018, drivers of cars with foreign license plates must insure their civil liability upon entering Georgia in accordance with the rules of the domestic law “On Compulsory Insurance of Cars from Other Countries”. It is necessary to buy insurance even if you entered the country only for a few hours or transit through Georgia to another country. For violation of the law, the car owner faces a fine of minimum 100 GEL. The price of the insurance policy depends on its’ validity and type of vehicle. You may see rates below listed in GEL

Validity Motorcycle Passenger Car Bus Truck Trailer
15 days 20 30 45 60 14
30 days 35 50 75 100 25
90 days 70 90 140 170 40
1 year 215 295 480 610 145

Be careful on the road, look left, right and even up – accidents always drain time and money and cause enormous amounts of stress. We will continue informing our readers about car insurance, and step-by-step guidelines on what to do if something went wrong…