Best offer for apartment owners in New Gudauri!

Best offer for apartment owners in New Gudauri!

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Property acquisition and management in Gudauri. Provide a comprehensive protection for your investment.

Nowadays purchasing an apartment or a house in Georgia is a trend among investors looking for a smart way to use their assets. The perspectives of the real estate market in Georgia have been long acknowledged, and facts show that purchasing real estate in Georgia is a good way to profitably invest in Caucasus region.

The ownership right for the property gets registered in hours after providing just sale-purchase agreement. But not every deal is that easy! There is a bunch of factors that you have to consider before shaking hands and closing the deal. Ideally, find a trusted professional lawyers, with an understanding of your needs and wants, with abroad expertise in real estate matters in Georgia, and who will provide all the necessary support in the process of acquiring and managing your assets in Georgia.

Real offer for apartment owners in New Gudauri (based on real case of our company)

You bought an apartment in New Gudauri (Loft 1, Loft 2, Atrium), finished the fit out and made them ready and cozy, as any mountain property should be, and are excited and waiting for the season opening – finally, to live at the foot of Caucasus slopes, or make some profit from renting it out! But the property, as the Romans said, burdens. It is essential to ensure an uninterrupted supply of light, water, heating, television and the Internet, timely delivery of keys to your guests at the reception, cleanliness in the common areas. In general, you need services – the ones of high-quality and reliable. And, as a law-abiding citizen, you want to do the right thing and pay taxes, but in a way that there is something left of the income for yourself. And Georgian residence permit, friends said, you can get through real estate … But in reality, the developer was late with finishing the construction, apartment was handed over to you a year later, the quality of construction raises questions, and the monopoly management company twists your hands with an enslaving service agreement… All that can be overwhelming, but somehow you need to deal with it. Property is in Gudauri, and you are far away …

New rules for obtaining residence permit in Georgia.

Lawyer’s notes: New Gudauri, Red-co. A story of one transaction.

Representation and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of private investors – the owners of apartments in New Gudauri is one of the priorities of JA team. Our company officially represents the interests of foreign investors in negotiations with the developer, Red-Co. Over 50 owners trusted us in dealing with Red-Co. We have broad experience and successful cases in negotiating sale-purchase agreements, which take into account the interests of the owners, as well as experience in collecting penalties for violation of the terms for transferring apartments to the property and losses associated with the quality of construction and repair.

What we can do for You:

  • Protect your interests in contract conclusion, registration of ownership, and approval of service agreement;
  • Help with the collection of penalties for late delivery of the property and registration of property rights;
  • Carry out tax registration (as a recipient of income in Georgia) in the Revenue Service of Georgia;
  • Explain what taxes and why you need to pay in connection with the receipt of income from the rental of apartments in Georgia and in your country of residence;
  • Ensure proper accounting of income received in Georgia, prepare and submit of tax returns;
  • Obtain necessary certificates from the Georgia Revenue Service for the tax service in your country of residence;
  • Help to obtain a residence permit in Georgia through the ownership of apartments;

Why you should trust us with protection of your investments: 

  1. You don’t have to be present in Georgia all the time. JA lawyers will act in your interests based on the Power of Attorney, which may be issued in your home country.
  2. We speak your language. All communication is done in your mother tongue. All documents are bilingual – in Georgian language and a language understood by the client.
  3. Flexible pricing. We offer a list of services, and you may choose what is really necessary for your specific case. Unique investments require a unique approach to its’ management.
  4. Convenient payments. You may pay for the services via bank transfer, Sberbank card in Russia, or any major money transfer services.
  5. Additional services. We have has established long-term partnerships with certified auditors, appraisers, industrial safety specialists, designers, cadastral engineers, and real estate brokers – experts, who can solve any real estate issues.

We are ready to take care of you and your assets in Georgia!