Obtaining Georgian citizenship for a family of two adults and three minor children using a phased application strategy

Obtaining Georgian citizenship for a family of two adults and three minor children using a phased application strategy

An international family approached Just Advisors: a Russian wife with Russian citizenship and a child from her first marriage with a Russian citizen. Her husband is a Georgian with Russian citizenship who left for Russia during the Soviet Union. In their marriage, two children were born, twins. The family currently lives in Georgia – they own real estate, both work in Georgia. Children study in Georgian schools.

The lawyers did not apply for citizenship at once for the whole family, as there was a high risk of refusal – the husband, originally from Georgia, did not know Georgian at all, his wife spoke Georgian, but the father of her first child was a citizen from Russia. The specialists chose a step-by-step solution to the problem and did not fail.

1). The lawyers logically submitted the first set of documents for citizenship in relation to the head of the family – the father of the twins. Ethnic Georgian origin and strong ties with Georgia at the moment, together with good recommendations from 6 Georgian citizens, gave a high chance of successful consideration of the application. Careful preparation for the exam and, as a result, a high score ultimately led to the fact that the Citizenship Commission made a positive decision, approved by the Presidential Decree on granting citizenship.

2.1). After obtaining citizenship for the father, an application was submitted for obtaining the citizenship of the spouse – mother of underage twins. As the basis, the lawyers indicated a stable connection with Georgia (the presence of business and real estate), the presence of citizenship of the husband. The wife passed the exam on the knowledge of the Georgian language, history and culture of Georgia well. The result is Georgian citizenship.

2.2). Simultaneously with the application for citizenship by the wife of the head of the family, the parents applied for the granting of Georgian citizenship to the twins. In addition to the stable connection with Georgia, the father is a citizen of Georgia, as well as studies at a Georgian school, the success of children in professional equestrian sports, confirmed by a letter from the Federation, was indicated as an additional basis. Recall that success in the field of sports and the willingness to participate in professional competitions on behalf of Georgia is an independent basis for obtaining citizenship. The twins also received citizenship.

3). After the parents and twins received their passports, the lawyers filed documents regarding the underage daughter from her first marriage. Minors do not take the exam, and parents or other representatives participate in the interview on their behalf. But the girl knew the Georgian language very well, and therefore it was decided to take part in an interview with her mother to demonstrate her knowledge of the language, and thereby prove her belonging to the national culture. In addition, the stepfather’s motivation letter was attached to the statement, where he explained that he was raising his wife’s daughter as his own child, taking her to a Georgian school, and introducing her to Georgian traditions. The mother’s Georgian citizenship contributed to a positive decision on her daughter’s application.

This case is not a typical case for obtaining citizenship. Thanks to their extensive experience in handling migration cases and knowledge of the intricacies of legislation and practice, Just Advisors lawyers have chosen a successful and effective strategy to achieve a positive result for all family members.

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