Medical care in case of covid for foreigners in Georgia

January 15, 2022 The State Health Programs of Georgia for 2022 came into force. (approved by the Decree of the Government of Georgia No. 4 dated December 12, 2021), including the Program “Management of the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19”.

  • For free medical care in the treatment of COVID-19 in the same amount as the citizens of Georgia, foreigners permanently residing in Georgia (HOLDING a residence permit),
  • Foreign citizens WITHOUT a residence permit, if they become ill with the virus while on the territory of Georgia, can have only free medicines for the treatment of COVID-19,
  • Foreign citizens WITHOUT a residence permit, if they have lived in Georgia for 3 months, are entitled to free vaccination,
  • Separate services within the framework of the treatment of infection can be provided to foreigners – students/applicants, car drivers for international transportation of goods, as well as spouses/children and parents of Georgian citizens

For more details on this issue, see Annex 20 to the Government Decree here: