How to obtain driver’s license in Georgia by foreigner

To obtain a driver’s license in Georgia, a foreign citizen MUST HAVE:

1) international passport – notarized translation into Georgian

2) medical form 100, confirming your state of health – can be obtained at any clinic

NOT needed:

1) residence permit

2) address of residence in Georgia

3) information about surrounding driving schools

The exam takes place in 2 stages:

1) theory – computer tests of 30 questions. No more than 3 mistakes are allowed. Can be taken in Georgian, English or Russian

2) practical part (at the moment – a platform, but changes in legislation are being considered and the practice will be handed over in the city)

You must pre-register for the exam. Registration link:

You can take the exam in any city, arriving at the reserved time with the description of the documents above.

You can prepare for the theoretical part of the exam (including the volume in Russian and English) at the link: The practical part of the exam can take up to 30 days after passing the theoretical part.

After successfully passing the exam, you will receive an international driver’s license, which is valid for 15 years.