We do not like litigations and sincerely believe that the time, intelligence and emotions spent in litigation can be put to better use. But we are capable to protect our clients, including in courts.

Our advantages:

The company represents the interests of its clients in courts of all instances, arbitrations, and administrative bodies. 

Administrative and judicial proceedings are conducted in Georgian language. The Company’s trial lawyers communicate with clients in Russian or English. We take care of the translation of any submitted documentation into the language of legal proceedings. 

A team of trial lawyers is ready to develop an individual strategy for each type of dispute, taking into account the specifics of the business or the individual situation of the client. 

We are ready to offer you a free analysis of the prospects of the dispute, based on the results of which we inform you about the expected outcome of the trial, court costs, the reality and procedure for the execution of the judicial act, and possible risks. 

Working with us guarantees you:

  • complete confidentiality;
  • services of the highest quality;
  • the opportunity to communicate with lawyers in Russian, English, Georgian;
  • complex solution of any issue, with the support of all the resources of our company.

The algorithm of our work:

  • We investigate the circumstances of the case, evaluate the presented evidence and the possibility of obtaining additional evidence; 
  • We form a legal position and evaluate the possible objections of the opponent;
  • We assess the property condition of the opponent and the reality of the recovery;
  • We develop a procedural strategy: assess the possibility of obtaining a writ of execution from a notary, the possibility of considering a dispute in a simplified manner, choosing a jurisdiction;
  • We provide evidence; 
  • We help with the issuance of a power of attorney;
  • We prepare a claim against the opponent, represent the interests of the client in negotiations with the counterparty when considering the claim;
  • We prepare and submit petitions for the application of preliminary measures to secure a claim (if the counterparty has property and, if applicable by the nature of the dispute);
  • Prepare and file a lawsuit in court;
  • We directly represent the interests of the client in court, prepare the necessary procedural documents, including petitions, written explanations, statements and other documents,
  • If the decision of the court of the first instance is appealed by interested parties, we represent the interests of the principal in the court of appeal, cassation and supervision;
  • We ensure the enforcement proceedings are conducted for the enforcement of a court decision. 

Litigation lawyers successfully represent the interests of our clients in the following types of disputes: 

  • disputes over real estate ownership rights;
  • corporate disputes;
  • disputes arising from the right to lease;
  • disputes about contesting transactions;
  • administrative disputes;
  • disputes with public authorities;
  • labor disputes;
  • disputes in the field of intellectual property;
  • disputes about the protection of honor and dignity;
  • disputes in the field of consumer protection;
  • disputes about the recovery of unjust enrichment;
  • disputes in the field of construction contracts;
  • disputes about the recovery of property from illegal possession.