Apartments in the mountain. A story of one transaction. Part 5

Apartments in the mountain. A story of one transaction. Part 5

It was Monday. And it was a meeting with the director and owner of the service company. And there were lawyers representing owners of the apartments. But there were no essential decisions made during that meeting. Minor progress was made during negotiations: the term of contract was reduced to one year and two payments instead of one. That’s about it.

On the other hand, we learned important lesson: the service we get for our money is at maximum performance for the current provider, they simply cannot do any better. We know that we can unite and solve issues collectively, or vote on forming an owners’ partnership or brining another property management company. The main idea – to stay focused on the goal, do not get disturbed and not wallow in conflicts hurting our own business. Property management is a complex process. For now, we are waiting for the contract and service with hopes for better future and readiness to react. We are also excited about upcoming ski season and snowy mountains – the winter is coming! Come visit us, ski and buy real estate, but in that case, please, read the contracts carefully and learn from others’ mistakes.

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